Home automation trends to look out for in 2022

20 December 2021

No question automation is slowly taking over many aspects of our daily life. Even in our homes, making them smarter, more comfortable and even more efficiënt. Since the rise of smart homes, manufacturers in the sector have constantly been improving their technology’s design and functionality to keep up with the dynamics of the tech industry.

So what does the automation market have in store for us next? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends to look out for in 2022.

Energy efficiency

Going into 2022, working from home has become the new normal. But that also means appliances, heating, lighting and so on will be running during the day, driving up your power, water and gas bills.

So no wonder we’ll be seeing some innovations in smart home technology turning to more green energy and optimizing on efficiency. For example, through smart lighting systems. These systems can adjust the light intensity of your lamps depending on your room’s condition, like dimming the lights when you turn on the tv in the evening.

Another great example are occupancy sensors. These sensors monitor if a room is occupied and will accordingly turn on the lights and heating. When everybody has left the space, your light, heating and any other devices, like screens or sound systems, will be shut off.

Already, these sensors will save you a couple of extra bucks. But going into 2021, occupancy sensors are expected to learn your movement patterns. From this, they’ll be able to distinguish you and your family members from others, like burglars. Making these sensors not only beneficial for your electrical bill, but also for your home’s security

Home security and access control

Next to occupancy sensors to up your home’s security, you can expect to see more sophisticated and functional security systems. As one of the fundamental home automation features, it is a must for every smart home owner. More so in 2022, as cyber attacks are getting more common, manufacturers keep working on making these systems more sophisticated and secure than ever.

Imagine remotely arming your home whilst also managing your climate control and lighting in different rooms, all on one single interface. But that’s not all. This upcoming year, light simulation is expected to become the next big thing. Turning on and off lights around the house, making it look like there are people present in your home and scaring off unwanted visitors.

Health management

Now more than ever, health forms a huge factor in our everyday life. No doubt health management will be playing a big role in home automation developments.

At the moment, your smart home can already track a sum of health conditions. For example, by monitoring your sleep using smart devices, your home can detect your body temperature or even early signs of depression.

Looking at 2022, your smart home will even have the ability to monitor and detect changes in your health. More advanced fitness gadgets could even detect changes in your body and offer you advice on a suitable diet or activity schedule.

No doubt 2022 has a lot in store for us. Ranging from new devices and functionalities, to a whole new way of living and keeping ourselves safe and healthy. We can’t wait to find out.

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