Child-proof your house with home automation

28 May 2021

Children. Bundles of joy that every parent loves, but also pretty much worries about for the rest of their lives. That's where home automation comes in, making every parent's life a little easier. From smart locks to smart monitors, let’s find out how your children’s safety around the house can be improved.

Smart speakers all day, every day

Of course, the famous smart speakers (you’ve read about here) will always be a useful addition to your household. Simply ask your Alexa to set a timer during potty-training or even ask Google to read your children a bedtime story before turning on some white noise to make your little one fall asleep in no time. You can even ask Siri to remind your children about their bedtime and to turn off the tv when their screen time is over.

Allergies, be gone

Other than its well-known convenience, a smart home can also improve your children’s health by using a smart air quality monitor. The Airthings Wave Plus detects radon, carbon dioxide, air pressure, humidity, and many more. Your smart air quality monitor will alert you when the quality of your air is dropping, allowing you to act fast and make sure your children are only breathing in fresh air. As a result, they’re less likely to develop allergies or asthma, which young children are more prone to. On top of that, fresh air also ensures a better night’s sleep for your toddler.

  Nanit Pro Baby Camera Monitor

Get on top of your child’s sleep schedule

Not only an air quality monitor can improve your children’s sleep schedule. Many other smart devices can help you through some rough nights with fuzzy toddlers as well. The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor will improve you and your baby’s sleep schedule immensely. This monitor does not only feature a camera positioned above your baby’s crib, it also features two-way audio which lets you talk to your baby, play lullabies and even features a nightlight to get your baby to fall asleep peacefully.

Apart from that, a smart baby monitor allows you to track multiple metrics, like sleeping habits, and provides you with useful data about your child's sleep the previous night. Giving you the insights you need to calculate the amount of hours your child will have to nap throughout the day. Combined with their smart breathing monitor, which alerts you about any inconsistencies in your baby’s breathing pattern, you’ll be safe to go to sleep soundly every night.

In the morning or when nap time is over, the Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock allows you to gently awake your baby from their slumber. Slowly increasing the amount of light in the room, just like the sun would as it rises above the horizon.

  Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

Safe at home while growing up

Next to your children's health and sleep, many other smart devices will help you along the way when children grow up and sometimes become a little reckless. Smart locks connected to your smart devices, like your smartphone or even your smartwatch, make sure your door is locked at all times so your wandering toddler doesn’t run out on the street.

The Ultraloq U-bolt Pro, for example, lets you unlock your door with your smartphone, which is a nice feature when holding a fuzzy toddler and groceries in your arms. Other than that, this device also proves useful when your children grow older as they can unlock the front door with a fingerprint or personal code, notifying you when they get home. Ultimately, these personal codes can even be used for babysitters or grandparents and you never need to worry about getting your key back. Conveniently, you can combine this smart lock with one of our previously discussed smart doorbells, ensuring your children or babysitter never open the door without you checking who’s knocking first.

Fair is fair, home automation can make life with children much easier. Those sleepless nights worrying about your toddler will soon become scarce. As they grow older, your smart home will let you know when your children are safe at home and maybe your smart speaker can even help them with their homework? Time to stop worrying about your child’s safety at home and start enjoying home automation with your family.

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