ATMO presence detectors for a family-proof home

21 November 2022

ESYLUX, in collaboration with KNX, launched the ATMO presence detector, a smart device that monitors lighting, airconditioning, heating and ventilation all in one. In addition, the detector also tracks airborne particles that could weigh on you and your family's health.

Enjoy your family time to the fullest in a home that watches over your health. The ATMO presence detectors, each equipped with 6 sensors, control your in-house climate. In this article we zoom in on these sensors and their assets in function of your well-being.


HVAC and light control for energy management

The quality of your environment can be adjusted thanks to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning) and light sensoring functionalities. The greatest asset of such a HVAC installation is the fact that both temperature and air humidity can be controlled from one device. The sensors communicate with each other about the climate conditions before acting, which ensures that your heating and airconditioning won't compete with one another. Add light control to the mix and you have an optimal energy management system without any extra effort.

VOC sensor for your health

VOC sensors (Volatile Organic Compounds) keeps track of the air quality. These compounds can stem from anything: synthetics, carpets, cleaning materials and people. Normally these substances are completely harmless, but an overload of particles in one space can have harming effects for your health. Head aches, dizziness and a grumpy mood, to just name a few symptoms. The VOC sensor therefore guards the limit of bad particles in the air. When that limit tends to be exceeded, the sensor warns the ventilation sensor, which in turn signals the ventilation system.

Taking presence sensing to the next level

The ATMO detector is very handy for obtaining the best indoor climate, but it really only has to function when you or one of your family members are at home. Thanks to passive infrared and acoustic sensors, the other four sensors will only be activated upon indirect demand. Install the suitable limit values (e.g. the minimal amount of decibles or movement), so that the detector only works when you enter a room.

Interconnectivity is king

We've named a bunch of great assets about this allround presence detector, but its interconnectivity is perhaps the most valuable one. A doctor's prescription for an ATMO detector? Yes please!