KNX for energy management

03 August 2022

With supply shortages emerging and energy prices skyrocketing, energy management has never been more important. So what if we told you your KNX Smart Home can help you save on your energy bill and can even open up new possibilities for your home’s usage.

No doubt that making your home more energy efficient is a long term investment and that it takes a few requirements. It takes an energy efficient design, a modern installation, good insulation, …. But ultimately, the amount of energy your home consumes still mostly depends on the behavior of the homeowner and on how your home consumes this energy.

Your home under control

If you’re not new to the home automation world, KNX is no stranger to you. It’s been innovating the industry of home and building automation around the world for over 30 years and is not planning on stopping anytime soon.

One of its most important applications is room automation and plays a huge role in increasing the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. The KNX System controls elements like lighting, heating or even your blinds, making it possible to adjust every aspect of your home to your personal needs and wishes.

Thanks to room controllers, this can even be done for every room on its own. For example, when your KNX system detects an open window it will automatically switch off the cooling/heating system in that room and avoid energy waste. On top of that, it can even send you a notification so you can take action.

Collecting data and storing energy

It’s all in the data, and energy management is no exception. Luckily, KNX makes it easy to monitor the energy consumption of your home by allowing you to meter and submeter all of your devices’ energy consumption. For example, integrating your lights, heating, and so on, into your KNX system using one of the many devices equipped with KNX interfaces for easy readings.

On top of that, multiple KNX manufacturers also offer battery storage devices which make it possible to store energy within your own home. A great example of this is the sonnenBatterie by Sonnen, a smart energy storage system that not only looks good, but also offers you a taste of energy independence and helps you keep a tab on your energy consumption.

  sonnenBatterie by Sonnen

What’s the impact

Converting your home to a smart home is quite the investment, but in the long run your energy efficient home will save you heaps on your electricity bills. So let’s talk numbers, Bremen University of Applied Sciences conducted a research project. Over the course of 4 years they monitored 2 identical classrooms, one conventional and one fitted with KNX controls for heating and lighting.

Their findings? The automated classroom saved an impressive 50% of energy compared to the non-automated classroom. Next to that, they also concluded that these energy savings would pay back the investment in just one year.


So while it might seem daunting at first, you can control the impact of your smart home on our climate. KNX makes it easy to keep a close eye on your energy consumption and even keep your electricity bills to a minimum. Read more about how KNX keeps building for a more sustainable on

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