The proactive Windancer KNX(-GPS) weather station

11 May 2022

A state-of-the-art weather station that combines 4 functions into one system? The Proactive Windancer KNX weather station by Elsner-elektronik does it all: measurement of temperature, wind and brightness, and detection of precipitation. With a fair pricing, the Windancer is an affordable asset for every smart home owner.

A weather station tracks the environment surrounding your smart home on a daily basis. Based on long-term collected data, the system calculates and predicts weather conditions, this way your home settings can be adjusted to your preferences (e.g. automated shades rolling down when the sun starts to set). With the Windancer KNX(-GPS) your outdoor systems are guaranteed a long product lifetime.

Anticipation on bad weather conditions

Many weather stations alert their smart homeowners for extreme weather, such as a storm, frosty weather or droughts. The Windancer KNX is equipped with two types of sensors: sun sensors and protection sensors. The first type provides a comfortable living situation thanks to, for example, an automated shading system or a sinked airconditiong program.

Its protection sensors are what distinguishes the Windancer KNX from other weather stations. They not only inform homeowners on (bad) weather conditions, but also act on their own warnings. For example, when the frost and wind alarms detect and predict extreme cold or wind, the blinds will remain blocked in order to prevent permanent damage to the railing system. Same goes for heat waves: the shading function ‘heat protection position’ will automatically be enabled when the temperature heat limit is reached. That way, radiant heat is kept out, resulting in a natural air conditioning.

Sun protection for up to 8 facades

If you upgrade to the Windancer KNX-GPS, your weather station additionally calculates the time and position of the sun with a GPS receiver. A major advantage of this technique is the possibility to place your shades very precisely. Depending on the height and direction of the sun, the shading system will lower the blinds and adjust the position of its individual rails.

This function is available for up to 8 facades. This means that you can automate blinders on all 4 sides of your home and even an additional terrace area.

The Windancer KNX(-GPS) weather station proactively acts on its own weather alarms, providing smart home owners with the ultimate comfort and prolonging its own lifetime. Making it the ideal extension for your KNX smart home this summer to keep your home nice and cool.

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