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How to link your smart home to your smartwatch

25 May 2021

Did you know that smartwatches are not only a useful tool for tracking your fitness activities, but also for controlling your smart home? When automating your home, control plays an important role. What once was impossible without having to walk over to a control panel mounted on a wall in your living room, you can now easily do with your smartwatch. Without pressing many buttons, you can easily control your smart devices through voice commands anywhere you are.

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Smart things you can control with your smartwatch

There are several smart devices you can control with your smartwatch such as lights, smart locks, smart thermostats and security cameras.

For example, you can use your smartwatch to control your smart lighting. Toggling on and off, dimming or even blinking your lights with the simple touch of your finger. Thanks to its compatibility with your Apple Watch, you don’t have to get up, move around or walk through the house to control your Philips Hue lighting. Smartwatch-enabled lighting control can even save you money, enabling you to make sure all the lights are turned off when you’re not at home.

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Another option is that of an advanced smart lock system, combined with the right app you can use your smartwatch to lock and unlock doors. Instead of turning around to lock the door when you leave, just tap your smartwatch as you walk to the car. Got your hands full of groceries when you get home? Smart locks, like the August Smart Lock or Nuki Smart Lock, are compatible with your Apple Watch, allowing you to easily enter your home without fumbling for your keys.

In addition to controlling lights and locking doors, you can use your smartwatch to make your smart home even more comfortable. In fact, you can connect your smartwatch to your smart thermostat. This way you can remotely control the temperature of every room in the house, whether you are at work or just at home. Easily keeping certain rooms cool or warm without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Google Nest is one of the most popular smart thermostats that can be controlled with your smart watch.

Moreover, you can also use your smartwatch to easily monitor your security cameras. You can follow live streams or view screenshots of important motion alerts. The free app Withings Home allows you to watch live streams from your baby monitor or camera directly on your Apple Watch, keeping an eye on your baby at all times.

Another benefit of using your smartwatch to monitor your smart devices is that you can receive smart alerts on your wrist. You don't always have the time to look at your smartphone when you're busy. But with your smartwatch, you can maintain complete control over your smart home. For example, receiving a notification when a door is unlocked after 11 p.m. or when the lights have been left on. You can receive alerts on your smartwatch from security alarms, smart locks, motion sensors, thermostats and more.

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How to link your home automation to your smartwatch?

So, your smartwatch can become a great control center for your smart home that lets you regulate lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances and security locks directly from your wrist.

But how do you link your smartwatch to your smart home?

  1. Connect your smart home server to a smart assistant
  2. Install the smart assistant app on your smartphone and follow the setup (Amazon Alexa app for Alexa, Google Home app for Google and Home app for Siri)
  3. Connect your smartwatch (that is compatible with you smart assistant) to your smartphone
  4. Now try your first command, such as “Alexa, lock the door”, and see if it works

You're all set now!

Your smartwatch is not only useful for keeping track of your step count, heart rate or fitness information, but also for keeping an eye on your smart home. If you install your smartwatch correctly you can control your lights, thermostat, security cameras, smart locks and even receive notifications straight to your wrist.

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