Staying in shape thanks to your smart home assistant

22 April 2022

An effective way to stay in shape is keeping track of your own health goals. Your smart home assistant doesn’t only make it easier for you to follow your daily progress, but also functions as your virtual personal trainer. In the (near) future, it will even plan your next gym appointment at the nearest fitness.

Interface with you smartwatch (and other wearable devices)

From sports freaks to weekly runners, almost everyone has a smartwatch these days. It’s a handy device to keep track of your vitals and other metrics, like total covered distance, during your workout. At home (after your workout), a smart home assistant functions a lot better than the small screen on your wrist. Sink therefore your smartwatch to your home assistant. Simply ask the device to connect to your watch and it will give you clear instructions on how to do so. This way, you can follow and view your progress and results over a long period of time more easily.


Physically and mentally in shape

Daily, short workouts have proven to be beneficial to your metabolism as well as your mental state. Multiple smart home assistants provide their users access to a virtual personal trainer. Alexa has the ‘7 Minute Workout Skill’, while the Google assistant provides real coaching advice with ‘Fitstar’. Either way, a smart home assistant proves to be a good investment, rather than the long term commitment to an expensive personal coach.

How are these applications used? Once you're installed, logged in and have chosen your preferred session, your home assistant will talk you through your training. Just like you’re in your own private fitness.

"Alexa, make a gym appointment for 8 pm”

It sounds a bit futuristic, but this technology might be nearer than you would think. We’re talking about booking your gym sessions via your smart home assistants. Today there are a few gym centers that have developed their own app, making their customer service more accessible and client friendly. Link this app to your home assistant and you’ll soon be booking your next gym appointment while you're shopping for workout clothes at the same time.

Healthy food choices

Wanting to stay in shape, while still eating good food? Here comes your smart home assistant to the rescue! Connected to the Internet, it overflows with information on healthy food choice advice. Do you prefer a clear overview? Enable and install one of the health apps included with your smart home assistant. They often not only advise you on nutritions and vitamins, but also give you cooking tips and timer options so that your food still remains delicious!

Smart assistants provide allround possibilities that facilitate staying in shape. Making it, in return, harder for us to find excuses not to. So whether you’re struggling with your workout schedule, healthy food choices or the logistics of booking a gym session, a smart home assistant will swiftly help you with all these matters.

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