Summer approved: Smart irrigation systems

12 June 2023

Enter the era of smart irrigation systems, a technological marvel that promises to optimize water usage and conserve resources for homeowners struggling to maintain their garden or vegetable crops in peak summer weather. We'll explore the concept of smart irrigation systems and how you can revolutionize your garden with the help of KNX.

During the summer, your garden may have to endure harsh weather conditions. Droughts and summer storms have become a regular occurrence. And what happens to your garden when you're going on family vacation? Keeping your garden healthy is hard! A smart irrigation system not only ensures an automated schedule for watering your plants and lawn, it also optimizes water usage. In other words: no more unnecessary water waste.

Smart irrigation: how it works

Gone are the days of manual watering and guesswork. Smart irrigation systems combine the power of technology, data and automation to deliver precise and efficient watering solutions. These systems leverage sensors, weather data, soil moisture levels, and even plant water requirements to determine the optimal amount of water needed for irrigation. By employing intelligent algorithms, they ensure that plants receive just the right amount of water, preventing both overwatering and underwatering.

Benefiting from automated watering systems

  1. Water Conservation: By precisely delivering the right amount of water based on real-time data, smart irrigation systems help conserve water significantly. They eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional watering methods and prevent wastage caused by overwatering or neglect.
  2. Cost Savings: Efficient water usage translates into reduced water bills for homeowners. They can even detect leaks and anomalies, enabling prompt repairs and preventing financial losses.
  3. Convenience and Time Efficiency: Traditional watering methods demand constant monitoring and manual adjustments. Smart irrigation systems automate the process, allowing users to set schedules and make adjustments remotely, saving time and effort.
  Elsner Jardana App

Smart irrigation with KNX: Jardana Irrigation Control

The Jardana irrigation controller from Elsner Elektronik, recipient of the iF Award 2023, proves invaluable for garden and greenhouse plants. With its versatile capabilities, it is compatible with various irrigation methods, from drip irrigation to lawn sprinklers, featuring four valves that allow for different watering zones. The system offers the flexibility of multiple watering timers for each zone, enabling morning and/or evening watering, and even multiple daily waterings in heavy soils to enhance soil absorption.

Moreover, the integration of soil moisture sensors ensures optimal irrigation adaptation, conserving water by activating the watering timer only when the soil is dry and stopping when it reaches sufficient moisture levels. Additionally, the Jardana control system excels in sustainability by facilitating targeted distribution of collected rainwater.

And the best part, the Jardana Irrigation Control is fully compatible with KNX systems. A few applications:

  • Connected to your weather station, the irrigation system will adjust its schedule accordingly. Too much wind? Your sprinklers will adjust their spray direction.
  • Connected to an indoor control panel, homeowners are easily allowed to disrupt automations. You might want to turn off the sprinklers when your kids are playing outside (or deliberately turn them on of course!)

Based on an article by Elsner Elektronik:

Take control of your water management

Water, especially during the summer months, is a luxury. With a smart irrigation system you stay on top of water usage, while enjoying convenience and forecasting features in combination with other smart appliances.

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