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Wishes and interests of smart homeowners in 2023

19 October 2023

The Smart Home Report, based on insights gathered from the KNX Smart Home Planner, paints a comprehensive picture of the desires and intentions of homeowners when it comes to integrating smart technology into their homes.

What is the KNX Smart Home Planner?

The KNX Smart Home Planner is a handy tool that empowers you as a homeowner to easily configure your own individual KNX Smart Home Project. Guiding you through a straightforward process, it enables you to define your specific requirements for a KNX Smart Home.

Upon completing all the steps, you'll receive a detailed report that highlights the advantages KNX can bring to your living space. Armed with the final results, you'll be better equipped to convey your dream smart home to a certified KNX installer.

Smart houses over apartments

It’s no secret that smart living is more popular among house owners compared to apartment owners. As highlighted in the 2023 Smart Home Report, 81.66% of end-customers prefer installing KNX technology in houses over apartments. This preference is not just a statistic; it represents an overall shift towards more spacious and versatile living spaces.

Of course, when living in the city, space is not always as easy to find. But with KNX any home can be a smart home. You'll just have to be a little bit more thoughtful about renovations or adjustments to your apartment. Read more about how you can make your apartment smart.

New homes, new possibilities

A staggering 76.33% of respondents are keen on integrating KNX technology into newly constructed homes rather than retrofitting their existing residences. This signifies a growing emphasis on integrating smart features right from the initial construction phase, which for KNX, and its famous green wire, is advised.

But it’s not impossible to retrofit smart technology into your current smart home. KNX RF gives homeowners the possibilities to automate their home without having to renovate thanks to its wireless technology.

Size matters: focus on larger homes

Size plays a pivotal role in the decision to embrace smart home technology, as 51.74% of KNX installations are expected in houses larger than 150 square meters. More spacious living spaces offer increased automation potential and a more convenient lifestyle. Which also makes the investment of KNX a more logical choice, than less complex providers would be for smaller homes.

Smart budgeting for enhanced living

A significant 33.25% of homeowners are strategically planning to incorporate KNX technology into homes valued between €250,000 and €500,000. This highlights a conscious decision to leverage smart home technology as a means to elevate the overall value of their real estate investments.

Moreover, a substantial 55.48% of these progressive homeowners are committed to allocating budgets ranging from €5,000 to €20,000 for their KNX solutions. This share demonstrates a genuine dedication to enhancing their living spaces by integrating cutting-edge technology that caters to comfort, accessibility, energy efficiency, and security. Such investments not only enhance the immediate quality of life, but also position these homes as valuable assets in the real estate market.

Download the 2023 Smart Home Report

Based on a survey of 4,095 end-customers, the 2023 Smart Home Report reveals fascinating trends in the ever-evolving landscape of home automation. Curious about how (future) homeowners want to integrate KNX into their smart homes? Take a look at the full report!

Applications and interests in smart homes

Let’s talk comfort, accessibility, efficiency and security

Homeowners are unequivocal in their pursuit of the best smart home experience, emphasizing four core aspects: comfort, accessibility, energy efficiency, and security. In their eyes, these elements aren't just desirable; they are considered essential to their lifestyle, shaping the very essence of modern living.

Even though KNX keeps developing and offering secure solutions for homeowners, whilst setting the market standard in smart home security, security is viewed as a "nice-to-have" feature by many homeowners rather than an absolute necessity.

Popular applications: Lighting, HVAC, shutter, and blind controls

The heart of any smart home lies in its applications. The Smart Home Report identifies three core areas of interest with homeowners: lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and shutter and blind controls. No surprise, since these applications are central to homeowners' daily routines and convenience.

The right timing for smart home implementation

Timing is crucial when embarking on smart home projects, and 44.59% of end-customers express a preference for having KNX technology installed in their homes between 31 to 90 days before moving in. Why wait, right?

Start your smart home journey today

Whether you're already a homeowner or a future one, now is the perfect time to start planning your smart home journey. The KNX planning guide is your essential companion, offering the knowledge and tools needed to create the smart home of your dreams. Start creating your smart home today.

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