Smart glass: automated privacy & shading

08 July 2022

Introducing smart glass: a classy and easy way to regulate the transparency of indoor (such as showers) and outdoor glass. Powered by heat, electricity or solar-energy, smart or dynamic glass provides you with the ultimate comfort in your own home.

Large windows are a big trend in private home architecture and interior designers are always experimenting with glass panels as a replacement for solid walls. Who doesn't prefer an open and bright living space, right? But not everything has to be out in the open all of the time. So whether you need privacy or sun shading, smart glass seems a very durable solution with a classy feel.

Electrochromic glass for exterior windows

Thanks to specialized glass with electrochromic coating, you can actually dim natural light. After connecting to your power grid - either electric or solar powered - the transparency of the glass can be perfectly adjusted to your preferred climate.

You can even program the settings of your windows based on the seasons. For example, in summer you can darken your house, or certain rooms, when the sun is at its brightest. That way you can keep the heat outside and reduce the amount of blinding sunlight. Not only will your home stay at a comfortable temperature, you'll also enjoy economic benefits by cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

If you would like to know more on the technical side of dynamic glass, you can read all about it on the website of SageGlass. Their smart glass controls can be easily integrated in existing automation systems, making the installation less intrusive.

Is thermochromic glass a good alternative?

Thermochromic glass can surely function for exterior windows. It does not need any power source as the laminated coating of the glass adapts to the sun's heat automatically. There is, however, a major downside. Without a control system you won't have any say about the timing, the duration and the intensity of the glass darkening. So during winter, when a bit of extra sun is much appreciated, the glass will still darken and keep these warming rays out.

Luiqid Crystal walls inside your home

It's regularly used in office buildings, but there is also a place for Liquid Crystal panels in your home's interior. This smooth technology gives you the option of opening up your house, while still having the possibility to create private spaces when needed.

It works like a light switch: push a button and the glass wall turns opaque, push again and the glass becomes see-through again. It's as easy as that. Just like other smart home systems, such as light and blind control, you can automate Liquid Crystal by using voice control.

So what's the flaw in the system?

Honestly? We don't know! Every new technology has its limitations as it needs time to develop, but with dynamic glass it's hard to find one.

  • It perfectly regulates indoor climate without extra energy consumption or costs.
  • The glass only darkens on the outside, granting you privacy without having to lose your view.
  • It has a sleek and modern look, instantly elevating your interior.

Smart or dynamic glass exudes the ultimate comfort as it hardly requires any input from the homeowner. Once you have installed your preferred system, it can function without voice commands or presence sensing to make sure your home stays at the perfect temperature for you.

This article was based on a piece by G-Pulse.

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