Transforming holidays with smart homes: A festive tech Wonderland

14 December 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and this year home automation can make your holiday season even more memorable. The holidays are a time for joy, celebration, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. So why not let your smart home take off some of the pressure while you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Never miss a package

We all know the holiday season is the busiest of all. Rounding up the year, visiting family and friends, cooking up a feast, … Add on to this the stress of ordering gifts and making sure you get them on time.

No doubt, you want to keep these items safe when you are out and about. With theft crimes increasing in most places during the holidays, you want to ensure your gifts are safe and sound. Thank Santa for smart doorbells, making it possible to monitor who’s at your door and be notified of any motion so you can bring your package inside safely and swiftly.

If your home is equipped with a smart door lock, you can even open the door for your mail man, allowing them to leave your packages inside your home and lock it when they’re out.

Effortless (automated) decorations

Smart lighting systems and connected devices can make decorating for the holidays a breeze. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can control the color, brightness, and even the animation of your holiday lights.

Smart plugs even allow you to schedule when your decorations turn on and off, saving energy and ensuring your home sparkles at just the right moments.

Do you have a voice assistant? Then you can take it even one step further by having them manage your smart home gadgets, like starting to play festive music, or even tell holiday-themed jokes to keep the atmosphere light and cheerful whilst you’re slaving away in the kitchen.

Smart cooking solutions

The holidays are all about getting together and enjoying your time with your loved ones. So ideally, you’re not busy cooking them a feast all night. A smart kitchen can be a true lifesaver during the holiday season.

From smart ovens and refrigerators to intelligent coffee makers, these devices can simplify meal preparation, making it easier to host gatherings without the stress. You can even receive notifications on your phone when the turkey is ready, or use voice commands to adjust cooking settings without having to leave your guests.

Visit friends and family without stress

If you’re not hosting a holiday party yourself, chances are you have to travel to a loved one’s home a few times during the holidays. Smart home security systems provide peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your property remotely. Sending you alerts on your smartphone if there's unusual activity and even checking in on your home through security cameras, ensuring a worry-free holiday season.

With these smart home devices and easy tips, you can enjoy this holiday season like never before. So leave your worries behind and enjoy these festive times. Happy holidays!