Mattress producer Casper released a smart bedside light

13 March 2019

Again a whole new player enters the world of smart devices with a smart bedtime light to help you go to sleep and wake up again.

Glow, right by your (bed) side

Casper, the mattress producer, recently released Glow, a smart bedtime light specifically designed to help you fall asleep and even assist you with your midnight tasks like going to the bathroom or changing your newborn’s diaper.

Most lighting isn’t designed for sleep; bright blue light coming from various screens or even common bedside lighting interferes with the activity in your body when it’s time to go to sleep. Glow’s warm 2400k LED light does a great job of not disturbing your bedtime mindset and wakes you up in the same, natural way instead of a blasting alarm clock.


Sleepdrunk-proof gestures

The clever design is controlled in two ways: through the application on your mobile device and simple gestures. Because, face it, if you only have your phone to control the Glow, that 2400k warm LED light won’t do much good. The gestures are so easy you could do them with your eyes shut, literally, they’ve been designed for a sleepy person who’s trying to turn on the light in the middle of the night. A tap on the top or bottom of the glow will turn it on and you can dim it by twisting it on any surface. If you shake it, it emits a low, warm glow from the bottom; ideal for those midnight trips to the bathroom without switching on an inferno of overhead lighting.

Next to the lighting temperature and intensity, the BlueTooth connected application also lets you schedule a wakeup time and create groups of up to six Glows you may have installed in your bedroom. You can also set the dimming time from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on how fast you fall asleep.

Glow is available for preorder (UK only) from ‎£89.

More than a gadget?

Ease-of-use is Glow's main asset, it's a portable light that charges wirelessly. However, it offers no integrations to other smart devices and the price is quite steep.

Thus, the question remains if this nightlight really adds value to your smart home. It seems rather a nice-to-have that is cleverly designed by a mattress company. For Casper, Glow is a smart expansion of their product range to give more resonance to their proposition of helping their clients sleep better. But for the real smart home enthusiast it may be nothing more than just a bedside light with some gestures rather than a smart lighting device.

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