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Gira KNX RF: A smart home has never been easier

03 March 2022

As one of the most proclaimed smart home systems on the market, KNX is often the high standard in new construction or renovation projects. But what if you’re not planning on renovating or building any time soon, but you do want to install the latest building and control technology. That’s where the Gira KNX RF System comes in.

In a nutshell

Gira KNX RF, which stands for KNX radio frequency, makes it easy to upgrade or extend your already existing KNX system at any time. With little effort, you can use the system to remotely and intelligently control your lighting, blinds, thermostat, scenes, and more, in your smart home. All without having to prie open walls, lay cables and clean up the mess this creates.

In order to do this, the Gira KNX RF system solely rests on the 230V installation of your home and the easy-to-install inserts of the Gira System 3000. Meaning that you’ll be connecting your Gira KNX RF products to your already wired KNX system in no time.

  Gira KNX RF System

The benefits

To plug, or not to plug

Thanks to the flush-mounted inserts of the Gira System 3000, installing the Gira KNX RF products is no harder than plugging them in where you seem fit. But what about walls without power lines, you ask? Battery-operated push button sensors can be screwed, mounted, and even glued on to any surface, with little time and effort.

On top of that, KNX RF remote control transmitters give you complete control over the system. Meaning that the KNX functions can be activated from anywhere in your home or building. Giving you complete control and freedom.

There’s an app for that

Next to the simplified setup, Gira also offers an update to the Gira Smart Home App where customers can easily implement configurations, like scenes, by themselves using the app. Eliminating the need for an installer for every adjustment or expansion, and thus making the whole process more efficient. Not only for the homeowner, but also the installers.

KNX secure

As the world’s first security standard for smart homes, the KNX Secure Standard is not tied to a specific manufacturer or application. By implementing the secure standard into their products, Gira chose for maximum data integrity, authentication, encryption and data up-to-dateness. Making sure your smart home can benefit from an optimum level of security and protection.

A complete new array of possibilities for your KNX smart home installation, especially in already existing homes and buildings. The Gira KNX RF System means no more busting out walls and laying down cables, but just more control and comfort.

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