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How to protect your smart home against fire

23 April 2021

Early detection of fire and smoke in your home can make a huge difference. Being able to take immediate action and alert authorities can not only save your home and possessions, but also the lives of you and your family.

While traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert you inside your home so everyone can evacuate safely, smart detectors can also notify you when you are not at home. Alerting you when they detect any kind of fire, smoke or gas present and even warn you of potential danger in your home when you are away.

  Google Nest Protect

Smart smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are often the first way to alert you to a fire and are therefore an essential part of home safety. There are a number of smart high-tech options that detect smoke and heat as well as carbon monoxide. When smart smoke detectors detect the presence of smoke particles in the air, they can shut down your ventilation systems to help prevent the circulation of smoke so people can evacuate your home.

Gira’s smoke alarm devices, for example, measure the density of fine smoke particles and alarm you when dangerous levels of smoke develop. The Nest Protect is linked to your smartphone, sending you important updates such as low battery levels, false alarms or when there is a real fire. If you have other Nest devices at home, such as a Nest thermostat, it gets even more useful. For example, you can configure the Nest Protect to immediately shut down your ventilation system when it detects smoke, a life-saving feature.

  The Birdi Smart Air Monitor

Smart heat detectors

Another way to help protect your home against fire is by using a smart heat detector. There are two types of heat detectors that can help you to act quickly when a possible fire is about to occur. Temperature detectors alarm you at a pre-set temperature, and rate-of-rise detectors alarm you when they recognize any dangerous rise in temperature. Heat detectors, however, are not meant to replace smoke detectors in places where a smoke detector is mandatory.

The Birdi Smart Air Monitor offers more than just smoke alarms and carbon monoxide information. The Birdi Smart Air Monitor gives users information on everything from air quality to temperature and even warns you of a fire near your home. With the accompanying app, you can even disable the alarm remotely.

Smart stovetop fire prevention

Cooking fires appear to be the biggest cause of house fires, mainly due to unattended cooking. To prevent cooking fires, there are smart devices that can automatically shut down the stove. The smart stovetop fire prevention detects when you have left the kitchen and starts a countdown to automatically turn off the stove.

Wallflower’s Smart Monitor, for example, allows you quickly and easily to convert your existing stove into a smart device. It beeps and sends a notification to your smartphone when the stove turns on or someone forgets to turn it off.

A smart home can protect your house against fire, smoke and gas. By installing smart devices such as smart smoke detectors, smart heat detectors or a smart stovetop fire prevention you can keep your home safe even when you’re not at home.

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